Rosart & Fleisch™ Hi Res

A Titling & Icon Sets Collection

The original Titling Caps and icons of Jacque François Rosart painstakingly carved for the Enschedé Printing House, meticulously digitized to be a true, accurate, and complete representation of the original designs.

Designed by:
Jacque François Rosart, J.M. Fleischmann, Dave Lawrence


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Titling Italic

PREMIERING Dimension Slant™

Zodiac Icon Set


Zodiac Icon Set Italic

Zodiac zODIAC

Alchemy Icon Set


Alchemy Icon Set Italic

hemy Itaqic

Seasons Icon Set

Season Timbs157

Seasons Icon Set Italic

Blue Hazg


Elegant headers, Titles, Subheaders

Latin Pro, Greek and Cyrillic.

Language support includes monotonic Greek, Cyrillic Standard, Vietnamese and Pinyin.


Or Latin Standard.

Don't Need Pro World1 Language Support? That's okay, we have a Latin Std option available:
• Latin Standard set, including small caps
• Rosart's original backwards X alternate. Alternate U shape.
• Proportional Lining (default), proportional old style, small caps figures.
• In the italic: swash variants for the J, Q, and Y.
• CAL Dimension Slant, for dynamic italics


dimension slant™

CAL's Dimension Slant™ Instead of sloping all the pictures and drawings to an even slant, a multidimensional approach was used. And each symbol was evaluated and crafted individually.

Computers slant in one direction. With our dimension slant, there’s many varieties of slants, rotations, expansions, contractions—sometimes in the direction of the slant, sometimes opposite.

We believe that one of the reasons slants and italics aren’t used that much is that many times they are an afterthought in the design. Or sometimes even experienced designers just let the computer do the work.

We wanted to make italics and obliques great again.

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Make Elegant astronomy, astrology, & star

themed designs with this collection of icons.

The Stars Have Aligned into a Great Font

So what's your sign? Whatever it is, R&F Zodiac has it, and in so many ways! Pictograph, symbol, constellation and picto-constellation are all included, a total of 137 symbols.

• Includes Rosart's original moon and sun faces.

• Faces for the planets to match those for the sun and moon.

• Rosart's original symbols for the planets.

• Astrology symbols including Rosart’s pictographs for the twelve signs.

• Constellations of the Zodiac from precise star charts.

• Precise small star shapes, so you can design other constellations.

• Pinwheel, saltires, asterisks, solid stars, and even the Christmas star.

The Constellations are useable even in scientific and educational settings: Constellations drawn to exact star charts from IAU and Sky & Telescopes Magazine*, star brightness/size levels calculated according to the Bayer brightness designations. These constellations use spatial frequencies to match the main font.

Dave Lawrence, “Each symbol was carefully designed to match the main font.”

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Alchemical, math & Music symbols

for making chemistry & magic themed designs.

To Turn Designs Into Gold.

From labeling your cupboard of magical ingredients to getting one step closer to the golden goose, these rare alchemical symbols are a treasure trove of possibilities. Including:

• classic symbols for elements

• combinations

• medicinals

• chemistry

• mathematical symbols

• Includes music symbols for titling, as well as Verse and Response symbols.

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Make weather, calendar, and household

designs with this collection of icons.

Symbols to Keep Things Organized Throughout the Year.

122 symbols, including:

• Classic weather stylings, including old fashioned lightning and an eclipsing moon with the four-o'clock shadow.

• Map Markers

• Religious Symbols

• Phases of the moon.

• Pointing symbols: fingers, arrows, triangles, with circles

• Various animals and farm symbols

• Household and clothing articles

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Hi Res™

10,000 × Precision of Ordinary Fonts!

Fonts are usually manufactured with many rounding errors and distortions in every letter. With that rounding, you are not getting the designer’s original letter shape.

Example of small constellation dots.

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Auto Retail™

Set it and forget it! No more fussing with baselines and multiple layers.

Just turn on this feature, and it will raise or lower the numbers & currencies whenever it sees pricing.

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Get the most out of Rosart & Fleisch™

with the Complete collection, or choose individual icon sets to meet your specific needs.

Rosart & Fleisch ALL

All 4 complete sets as separate files, plus a master OTF file with all glyphs for your convenience. All Regular and Italic Styles. 10 Total OTF files.
1 User Desktop License.

Titling Pro + World1

1 User Desktop License.

Regular + Italic $99Add To Cart

Regular $67Add To Cart

Italic $67Add To Cart

Titling Latin Std

1 User Desktop License.

Regular + Italic $67Add To Cart

Regular $37Add To Cart

Italic $37Add To Cart


1 User Desktop License.

Regular + Italic $47Add To Cart

Regular $27Add To Cart

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Regular $19Add To Cart

Italic $19Add To Cart


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Regular $19Add To Cart

Italic $19Add To Cart

100% Money Back Guarantee

“All of our fonts come with a 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee. If, for any reason, you don't like these fonts, let me know. I will either fix them for you, or if I cannot, you will receive a 100% refund, every penny.”
- Dave Lawrence, Co-Founder & Lead Type Designer, California Type Foundry


The Pro World1 font contains:
• Latin Pro character set for central European languages and Turkish.
• Rosart's original backwards X alternate. Alternate U shape.
• Small caps, with subtle differences from uppercase letterforms.
• Proportional Lining (default), proportional old style, small caps figures.
• More Numbers: A set of stacking (nut) fractions, along with very elegant automatic fractions
• A large set of currency symbols in lining, old style, small caps, denominator and numerator sizes.
• Our first Retail Pricing Feature: (ss03 + ss04) Just turn on the feature and type $1.99 and Rosart will do the rest.
• In the italic: swash variants for the J, Q, and Y.
• CAL Dimension Slant, for dynamic italics
• Ampersand alternates.

Pro World1 Language Support
• Rare kerns for Polish, Czech, Slovakian and others.
• Ligatures needed for some central European orthographies.
• Lowered German Umlauts for better line spacing.
• Cyrillic uppercase and small caps for eastern Europe, southern Europe, and Russia, with kerning.
• Rosart’s original Greek uppercase and small caps, but also tonos for monotonic Greek.
• Vietnamese, which has been kerned.
• Pinyin, including a special form of the Ü so that titles can be set closer.

The original Titling Caps of Jacque François Rosart for the Enschedé Printing House.

Sourced from high resolution pictures and scans of the Enschede 1768 specimen, specimens of the 1800s, the 1908 and 1978 metal re-castings.

A display serif typeface that was used to print high class works, including Leopold Mozart's classic book on violin technique and important printings of the Bible.

This font is not just historic, but classy, timeless, and in its current form, a modern classic.

The intention behind this collection was to bring together some of the most beautiful titling letters, along with the rare symbols so often used along with them in their original settings but often neglected by mordern type designers.

To bring this font into the 21st century and beyond, new features were included for easy incorporation into today's design process and the highest production standards:

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