In Memory of Hermann Zapf

This font is inspired by some of the largest caps Zapf drew and is in celebration of his life, for his 6 year memorial June 4, 2021.

▲Great for Print

While this font is too fine for letterpress printing, it works great for laser and offset, giving a handlettered look to the paper. Shown here with Arno Pro Italic.

▲Iconic Caps

These iconic caps add feelings of importance and timelessness to books, magazines, blogs, websites, and videos.

Design Features

Classically Sculpted

▲Kerning, Chiseled Forms, Special ™ &®

These capitals were meticulously kerned, including the numbers and the punctuation.

▲Inky Smooth & Handcrafted

The symbols have been drawn to show the inkiness. When you print them on the page, I kid you not, people will think you went with letterpress.


Zapf’s original Z was wide, so I designed one that works better with the other letters. However, we have made this form available. The Y also has the Greek upsilon form.

In Use


These caps work great for timeless, classic, or beautiful quotes, for blogs, movies, or posters.

▲Fine Arts & Cooking

Covers of cookbooks, brochures, programs, religious or sacred works, or events.


The elegant letters work well as monograms, either overlapping or touching.


This font is currently available!


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- Dave Lawrence, Co-Founder & Lead Type Designer, California Type Foundry