“These letters are some of the most exemplary caps I have ever found. They served as models for many 17th century letters inscribed on the shrines and monuments in Italy. Trajan: look out!”
Dave Lawrence

Painstakingly made from multiple high-resolution references, Cresci Exemplar™ Pro, accurately matches the master’s original lines. It can be used at large sizes without sacrificing elegance. Cresci’s attention to detail and delicate curves allow his titling capitals to stand out and elevate text.

The numbers of Cresci Exemplar™ Pro have been painstakingly designed to match and complement the letterforms of Cresci’s original alphabet. Symbols have either been faithfully transcribed or thoughtfully designed both to be pleasing to today’s reader and congruent with classic lines.

Cresci Exemplar™ Pro, released on Christmas 2021 for the 450th anniversary of Cresci’s exemplary work “Il Perfetto Scrittore”

Cresci Exemplar™ Pro is California Type Foundry’s 2022 Newsletter Font. This font is only available through CAL Type, and is CAL Type’s welcome gift to newsletter members.

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Desktop License: $47