Bodoni Palazzo™

Bodoni’s largest capitals have subtle details—great for extra-large sizes. But sturdy serifs add readability for small sizes.

New Small Caps

So can you can do more, we recently added small caps to Bodoni Palazzo.

Design Features

New Numbers

Previously only included the “old style” figures (top). Now with lining figures to better match all caps (middle) and small caps numbers (bottom).

Smaller & Kerned Trademarks

Trademarks ®™ have been minified and kerned to make logo making better.

Sharp & Clean

In this wine label concept, there’s a striving for a balance between simple and more complex styles. Simplex and complex alternate in this design.

§Vineyard: Bodoni Palazzo w/ purple emboss.
¶Varietal: Oceanwide Extra Light.
¶Vintage: Bodoni Palazzo with tighter spacing.

The alteration between sans and serif styles — traditional, yet modern.


Palazzo also has a natural nature/travel feel.

§Magazing Name: Bodoni Palazzo
¶Subtitle: CAL Sans Condensed (Pre-release)
¶Teasers: Oceanwide

Boutique and Floral

Palazzo can take on a floral look for boutique items.

Logo: Bodoni Palazzo.


Palazzo contains one weight. This font is currently available.

Option 1: Purchase Bodoni Palazzo™

✓ Bodoni’s largest caps and numbers.
✓ New small caps letters, numbers, and punctuation.
✓ Easy to use.
✓ Pairs with many styles of fonts.


Option 2: Pairing Guide/Inspo Book

See how well Bodoni Palazzo™ pairs with other fonts, some probably in your collection right now!

100% Money Back Guarantee

“All of our fonts come with a 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee. If, for any reason, you don’t like these fonts, let me know. I will either fix them for you, or if I cannot, you will receive a 100% refund, every penny.”
- Dave Lawrence, Co-Founder & Lead Type Designer, California Type Foundry

*Palazzo™ and Bodoni Palazzo™ are trademarks of the California Type Foundry.