Elegant Simplicity

With classy shapes and multiples styles, Ferrara can pracically create for stunning brands.

Ultra Hairlines

Our first-released Hi-Res™ fonts are Bodoni Ferrara Hairlines. Gorgeous up to 500+ points. Shown with CAL Grotesk and a test version of CAL Sans.

Font pair with anything

Font pairing is tricky. Bodoni Ferrara includes both of the so-called “Transitional” and “Modern” style serifs—meaning it can pair with many types of serifs or sans.

Customize your logo, sign, title, or heading.

Ferrara has 3 main style sets. Those can be used separately or combined in various configurations.* Try the buttons below to change the sign:

Besides these configurations, letters can also be chosen separately.


Round curves make this font feel letter-pressed—even in the hairline sizes.

Design Features

Elegant Logos

Logos can be made in seconds. Using optical sizes, you can make the logo look well at many point sizes—from 20pts. to 500+.

Contrasting Weights

Thin→Heavy. Each optical size of Ferrara has thin to heavy weights, allowing Ferrara to be used like a sans—with contrasting styles.

Slender Proportions

We kept the features of Bodoni’s original Ferrara— tall x-height and slightly condensed proportions. Great for headlines, where space is at a premium. (Shown here with informal g.)

Captivating Capitals

We kept the features of Bodoni’s original Ferrara— tall x-height and slightly condensed proportions. Great for headlines, where space is at a premium. (Shown here with informal g.)

Ferrara has a full set of uppercase punctuation, including: ([{|-–—¿¡?!©@«»‹›. (Thin Hairline shown.)

All about the numbers

Old style figures. These are Bodoni’s original transitional and modern style numbers.

Lining figures. These numbers have been adapted by the California Type Foundry. Including a single stroke and more normal-looking zero.

Old style figures are designed to work in conjunction with the lower case.

Old style figures are designed to work in conjunction with the lower case.

Bodoni’s largest numbers. Designed to work without letters—for addresses and dates. Every pair of numbers was kerned for display sizes—no unsightly gaps.

Other fun bonuses

At symbol comes in normal and extra-swirly.

Brackets, braces, lines and slashes, were designed to make their own fashion statements.

(Top) Bodoni’s original lowercase punctuation. (How cute!)
(Bot) Uppercase punctuation redesigned by CAL Type Foundry team. Both included.

Bodoni's three styles of ampersands.

Fetching Special Symbols. OK, maybe these are not always the most usable, but when you need a design to pop, these symbols are there for you. (Light shown.)

Language Features


Discretionary ligatures combine the f with the double- dot accent, or umlaut. (German & Albanian shown.)

Lowercase and capital eszett, included in a normal style, and Bodoni’s angular version.

German umlauts similar to the original Bauer Bodoni (German Bodoni) umlauts.

Different types of German quotes. These are kerned with the letters and other appropriate punctuation.


French ligatures come in all combinations of Ferrara’s styles. (Poster heavy shown.)

Ferrara includes Bodoni’s original Œ (top) and the more conventional one (below). (Poster Bold shown.)

French diacritics. Bodoni shades the circumflex (ô) on the wrong side, but this gives it a certain charm. (Banner Light shown.)

Spanish & Portugese

Some Portuguese diacritics. The cedilla is detached from the c, and the tilde has a chiseled look. (Hairline Semibold with Tivoli a shown.)

Portuguese, Swedish, and Italian have words where ‘f’ can collide with the accent marks. In Ferrara (and our other fonts), these have been kerned.

Straight and curly quotation marks have been kerned with the inverted question mark and exclamation points—meaning less hand kerning.


Italian and French contain many apostrophes. In many fonts, the L might hit the A in the phrase above. Ferrara has been triple kerned to avoid these problems.

Examples & Pairings

Ferrara has many uses besides logos.

Certain & Trustworthy

In this novel concept, the title text feels more distant and aloof, while the author name feels closer, in the foreground—trustworthy. Here, contrasting optical sizes in a non-standard way can allow feelings of depth.
Title font: Bodoni Ferrara Poster Heavy gives a feeling of distance.
Author font: To get a feeling of nearness and “out of focus” we used Bodoni Ferrara Origin Medium at a large size.
The cover is designed to look like a darn good read—a sure-fire way to spend your weekend.

Fashionable, but with Heritage

In this 2-page spread advertisement:
Logo font: To get a light look, we used a large font at a small size— Bodoni Ferrara Banner Semibold with −20 tracking and Tivoli a.
City font: Oceanwide all caps at +270 spacing.
The logo mainly contrasts tracking. The logo uses all lowercase to create a more informal look.

Interesting, Reliable

News, blogs, and information fonts have a fine line to straddle. Just like the articles, fonts have to feel interesting, yet trustworthy; smart, yet concise.
Lead Story Headline Font: We especially like the default (transitional) version of Bodoni Ferrara for setting online headlines—here Bodoni Ferrara Display Bold.
Menu Bar, Trending and Top Story Fonts: To give this website concept a feeling of accuracy nd precision, we used Oceanwide in various weights.
Small Headline Font: Bodoni Ferrara Origin Bold has the ability to make each story look interesting, but Bodoni’s voice also lends authority and reliability. Origin is the best size for medium-sized headlines.
Author font: CAL Grotesk Series 3 Medium All Caps with extra spacing.
Story description font: CAL Grotesk Series 3 Regular.

Informal & Classic

In this coffee, coffee table book:
Article title font: To give an informal look: Bodoni Ferrara Banner Semibold with various style sets on, including informal.
Introductory paragraph font: Casale Medium Italic.
Drop cap font: Bodoni Ferrara Banner Semibold.
Paragraph text font: CAL Grotesk with informal mode on.
Using the informal mode (SS02) of the fonts allows this book to feel more friendly and Mmm...tasty.

Clean & Dainty

This Catalogue mockup uses Oceanwide and Bodoni Ferrara in a minimalist way, to de- emphasize the text and emphasize the models/clothing.

The Collection

Bodoni Ferrara is made of 5 font families in 10 weights.


This font is available for a limited time.

Option 1.
Single Weight

Choose Exactly the Style You Need.

Each weight contains:
✓Choose exactly the style you need.
✓Special language features for German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, & Italian
✓Customize fonts with alternates.
✓Can combine with most other fonts.
Special Bonus: Get Bodoni Ferrara Font Pairing Guide, a $17 value.


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Option 2:
Choose a family

Purchase any family in the collection.

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Option 3:
Bodoni Ferrara Full Family

All 50 Weights For optimal customizability—display sizes from 24 points to 500+ points.

✓Includes variable font. (Origin to Banner)
✓Includes hi-def, hairline fonts.

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100% Money Back Guarantee

“All of our fonts come with a 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee. If, for any reason, you don’t like these fonts, let me know. I will either fix them for you, or if I cannot, you will receive a 100% refund, every penny.”
- Dave Lawrence, Co-Founder & Lead Type Designer, California Type Foundry