Personality :)

Unlike many Bodonis drawn from computerized straight lines, this Bodoni follows the original contours of the master himself.

Friendly Branding

With small caps, old style numbers, special options for $, %, £, €, Bodoni Casale allows you to make elegant pricing, sales signs, or logos.

+ Italics

Include all the trappings of the roman. When paired with the roman, adds charm and character.

The Bodoni for White on Black

Most Bodoni fonts will start to disappear on black. Bodoni Casale’s robust strokes don’t disappear, even when set to smaller sizes.

or smaller:

Legible on Signage

The robust strokes of this Bodoni font also lend visibility and legibility at large sizes with dark background.

Design Features

Unicase Included

All weights of Casale include 5 versions of unicase.

Special Retail Stuff

An army of percentage signs, dollar signs, and money symbols.

Better Caps

Using all caps button, punctuation moves upward.

Thin Punctuation

Some of Bodoni‘s original punctuation is a bit thick for modern eyes, so we made a thinner version.

19 Style Sets

Including these and more:


Casale was designed to appear at multiple sizes, light on dark. Here’s how he will look.

Examples & Pairings

Classic and Trustworthy

In this combo:
Product type: Oceanwide Light.
Product name: Casale all small caps.
Logo: Bodoni Bravo has many plant based designs that can be used as a starting point for a logo.
Product volume: Oceanwide Light.

Fun and Genial

This label uses:
Vineyard/Label: Casale Heavy unicase #1 + univowel.
Wine Type: Casale Medium Italic, alternate v and g.
Vintage: Casale Quasi Light small caps, +50 tracking.

The inscriptional stylings of Casale Italic make it well suited to label the drink type.

Elegant and Uptown

On this dinner menu cover:
Restaurant Name: Casale capitals.
Dinner Menu Title: Bodoni Terracina.
Menu Border: Bodoni Bravo & other stock ornaments.

Casale is a bit more serious, Terracina a bit less serious, so the two font pair together nicely.

Nautical and Romantic

On this cover–
Title: Casale Bold Italic caps with small caps + watercolor effects.
Author & Publisher: Casale Italic Medium all small caps.

Casale italic has a New England, Pacific Northwest, or nautical feel. And dare we say, “romantic”. Casale’s sloped small caps are a prime example.


Option 1: Single Weight

Choose Exactly the Style You Need.

Each weight contains:
Style Sets for quick and beautiful formatting
5 Unicase Options
✓So many Pricing Style Options
Punctuation Options for any reading situation
✓A Realistic and Inky look
Designed by Bodoni Himself

All options include one (1) Desktop License, contact for bulk options.


Add Quasi Light

Add Regular

Add Medium

Add Semibold

Add Bold

Add Extra Bold

Add Heavy

Add Quasi Light Italic

Add Regular Italic

Add Medium Italic

Add Semibold Italic

Add Bold Italic

Add Extra Bold Italic

Add Heavy Italic

Option 2: Essentials Package

Buy the Italic, Bold Italic, and Bold, and get the Regular weight free!

$188 $141

25% off and $47 in savings!

Option 3: Bodoni Casale Full Family

All 14 Weights For optimal customizability.


33% off and $211 in savings!

Best value, bulk discount!

100% Money Back Guarantee

“All of our fonts come with a 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee. If, for any reason, you don’t like these fonts, let me know. I will either fix them for you, or if I cannot, you will receive a 100% refund, every penny.”
- Dave Lawrence, Co-Founder & Lead Type Designer, California Type Foundry